“the Compohouse”: an experimental building

STATUT: In use
CUSTOMERS: CAEROSTRIS / Solutions Composites
Year : 2019

Rethinking the construction of tomorrow...

Wall e+ is the answer to three transversal objectives :

– To save primary and human resources, materials (undecorative, reuseable) and time (operational processes, prefabrication), supporting future re-interventions (disassembly, recyclability…).

– To reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) by switching to eco-design, rationalized built surfaces, and rehabilitatable buildings.

– To complement the existing building stock (elevation, extension, typological diversification) and the land by building a new element.


...And to prove that it’s possible

COMPOHOUSE solar energies

With wall e+, it’s now possible to imagine expanding the field of possibilities and exploring new territories. 

COMPOHOUSE is the physical embodiment of the wall e+ construction system, based on composite materials. The objectives that it meets are multiple and have allowed us to :

  • To test our wall e+ construction system.
  • To guarantee our know-how in positive energy construction.
  • To become a laboratory of innovative technologies.
  • To highlight the advantages of composite materials in the field of construction
  • To demonstrate energy efficiency and low environmental impact (e+c- and Passivhaus labels).  


This demonstration building, designed as a real “ideas laboratory”, hosts various installations to harness massively the power of solar energy. The compohouse integrates 6 different technologies, focused on two main areas :


  • AZTEC®, a parieto-dynamic air collector that recovers warm air during the day and releases it at night.  
  • a solar chimney using the thermal chimney effect to cool the indoor air.


  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof.
  • Sliding solar shutters.  
  • A horizontal PV sunshades. 
  • Solar collectors printed on vertical sunshades.

facilitate the greening of the building

The advantage of the wall e+ system is also that it can “very naturally” accommodate plants on the surface. Compohouse has two green walls as well as a self-contained planter, a water collection system, and a green roof.

COMPOHOUSE green walls

PROJECT Visuals :


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