Born out of a collaboration between Laurent Destouches and Etienne Flesch, the idea behind CAEROSTRIS is that it is now time to harness inventiveness rather than resistance, creating a new culture of responsibility through innovation.

So, Caerostris aspires to make composite materials a vehicle for progress and for success in the sustainable building market.

The time has come to evolve and commit in order to reinvent ourselves and build a desirable future for coming generations.

construction accounts for 45% of the world’s energy consumption and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why we have come up with a truly groundbreaking innovation, aiming to improve the overall efficiency of buildings over their entire life cycle. So, wall e + not only improves quality but also drastically reduces construction phase delays and risks.

" The most difficult thing is to agree to change. We are not facing an unsolvable problem but a call to question our way of doing things.”


we are facing a phenomenal demographic change with many consequences. With 15 billion more inhabitants in 2050 and an understandable demand for more comfort from a great part of the emerging countries, the urgency to embark on the path of “sustainable development” has become absolute and obvious to all.

However, to overcome this apparent contradiction (between growth and environmental protection), we must consider moving as quickly as possible to a fundamentally different development model. This requires, first of all, a drastic reduction in our dependence on polluting energies (oil, gas, and coal), as well as a massive reduction in our consumption of primary resources.

As I became interested in the subject of ecology, I realized how much the construction sector was a big consumer of natural resources. We are finally facing a major part of our economy which carries an environmental impact impossible to sustain shortly… Of course, I was not the only one coming to this observation. Many engineers or architects were already working on these subjects, but the question kept spinning in my head.

There is no efficiency and sustainability if architecture and construction keep only satisfying our current use. We must embrace possible any future evolutions of the building to extend its use and even reuse its materials. This soon became our motto. we have been working hard to be able to integrate the reversibility and reusability of the materials that make wall e+ a potential “game-changer” for the sector.

Laurent Destouches.
manager of caerostris.





“eco initiative

“Eco initiative” award from ADEME (2016)

winner of “BATIACTU award " (2019)

Winner of “BATIACTU award ” (2019)

"winner of the charles henry besnard ", mecenat besnard de quelen (2015)

“Winner of the charles henry besnard “, mecenat besnard de quelen (2015)

winner of the "JEC Innovation awards" in the construction category (2016)

Winner of the “JEC Innovation awards” in the construction category (2016)

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